Tuesday , April 7th 2020
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3 Great Electric Bass Guitars for Beginners

Today’s review looks at three of the most popular electric bass guitars for beginners and intermediates.  All three are established models from some of the top names in the industry.  These models have been around for a while, and all are in the moderate to low price range.  Read the reviews, decide what features are most important to you, then check out the full specifications on Amazon.

Squier By Fender Vintage Modified Jazz Bass

Product: Squier By Fender Vintage Modified Jazz Bass
Seller: Amazon.com

Squier By Fender Vintage Modified Jazz Bass

Squier By Fender Vintage Modified Jazz Bass

Customer Profile: When stepping up from the basic beginner bass or looking for an instrument to showcase your talents at gigs, the Squier By Fender Vintage Modified Jazz Bass may be just the one for you.  Presenting classic styling that is a blast from the past, the Squier looks as good as it sounds and its affordable price puts it within reach of just about everyone.

Pros: The Squier By Fender Vintage Modified Jazz Bass is a great look for anyone inspired by classic styling, featuring a body and a one piece neck finished in soft maple and a natural finish that allows the beauty of the maple to shine through.  Black binding stands out against the pale body, as do the block inlays against the 20 fret finger board that matches the maple of the body.  Add to the beauty the fact that Fender is one of the most well-known names in the world of bass and the Vintage modified jazz bass becomes all the more attractive to its owner.
The sound is, after all, the main attraction for a bass guitar, and the Squier by Fender doesn’t disappoint.  The ability for range on the jazz bass is commendable; with a simple turn of the knob, you can go from a strong punk feel to a softer and calmer tone to a monstrous attitude.  No genre of music is beyond the Squier Vintage.  Two single coil pickups, designed by Fender, provide the high, bright sound or the heavy sound desired for rock.

A three-ply pick guard will please anyone who prefers using a pick on the modified jazz bass, but the jazz bass 70’s will do equally as well with finger style or slap.  Chrome hardware and machine heads complete the package.

Cons: The action of the Squier is not as low as some jazz basses, however, the wide range of tones provide plenty of opportunities.  Buzzing can occur at the highest of tone settings.

Warranty: Fender offers a limited one year warranty for the Squier By Fender Vintage Modified Jazz Bass against defects in materials and/or workmanship.

Value for money: Everyone who commented on this bass was very pleased with the instrument and felt it to be a great choice and value for beginners and for expanding artists due to its great tone range and overall appearance of the bass.

Silvertone LB11 Bass & Amp Package

Product: Silvertone LB11 Bass & Amp Package
Seller: Amazon.com

Silvertone LB11 Bass & Amp Package

Silvertone LB11 Bass & Amp Package

Customer Profile: Feeling the rhythm means sounding great and looking great, too, which is the reason many beginner guitarists choose the Silvertone LB11 Bass & Amp Package as their first bass instrument. As attractive as it is functional, this bass guitar might well be your last.

Pros: The classic styling of the Silvertone LB11 Bass & Amp Package will be the first thing to attract the attention of a budding musician. The double cutaway sculpted body screams pro; add the striking body design and even the most novice of player will feel as though they are in big leagues. While the appearance of the LB11 bass guitar is top-notch, everyone knows it is the tone that is the telling feature and the Silvertone bass does not disappoint in this aspect. Tune up your bass using the included tuner, adjust the volume and tone knob and you are ready to begin.

A powerful and warm tone resonates with the use of the 6.5 inch stereo and 10 watts in the BAXs amp to provide the bottom rhythm expected from the bass when strumming along the 20 fret maple neck.

It will be hard to put the LB11 bass down once you begin to play, which is no problem with the comfortable styling featured with the Silvertone . The nylon guitar strap helps to support the lightweight bass during those hours of play and the padded gig bag provides protective storing and transport of the instrument when not in use.
Designed for beginners, the package includes everything needed to get started on a musical journey. The Silvertone bass, BAXs bass amp, digital tuner, strings, picks, nylon strap, cable, gig bag and an instructional DVD is all that is necessary to start feeling the rhythm.

Cons: Several users commented that they found the accessories bundled with the Silvertone LB11 Bass & Amp Package to be lesser quality than the guitar itself. Most were able to overlook this feature, though, thanks to the overall good quality of the bass.

Warranty: A limited lifetime warranty covers the Silvertone LB11 Bass & Amp Package against defects of material and/or workmanship for the neck and body.

Value for money: As a starter set that comes complete with everything needed for the beginner guitarist, the Silvertone LB11 Bass & Amp Package, proves to be a good value for the price.

Dean EABC Acoustic-Electric Bass Cutaway 5 String Satin Finish

Product: Dean EABC Acoustic-Electric Bass Cutaway 5 String Satin Finish
Seller: Amazon.com

Dean EABC Acoustic-Electric Bass Cutaway 5 String

Dean EABC Acoustic-Electric Bass Cutaway 5 String

Customer Profile: The beginner guitarist will have a great time learning and perfecting their techniques with the Dean Acoustic-Electric Bass Cutaway 5 String Satin Finish. Offering the deep tone desired in a bass as well as the higher tones, the novice is able to feel the full range for more exposure with the addition of the 5th string in low B not commonly found on acoustic bass guitars.

Pros: With a large body constructed of a combination of mahogany and spruce, the Dean Acoustic-Electric Bass Cutaway 5 String Satin Finish is able to deliver a broad range of dynamics during play. Both woods are common in acoustic tonewoods; mahogany because of the wide range it offers and spruce because it provides a perfect complement to the bass and treble. The woods play a dual role however; in addition to sounding great, it simply looks great with the contrast of the rich mahogany and the clear, bright spruce.  Adding to the beauty is the 34 inch fret board made of rosewood and enhanced with pearl dot inlays.

The great sound will be the feature that wins you over with the Dean acoustic-electric bass guitar. The large hollow body traditionally found in this type of instrument is ideal for providing low register volume, and the cutaway design brings access to the higher end of the register to offer the widest range to the player. Including Dean’s passive preamp with tone and volume slide knobs gives the guitarist full control of the sound they produce, and the die-cast tuning allows for just the right tweaking.

Cons: The Dean Acoustic-Electric Bass Cutaway 5 String Satin Finish guitar is, first and foremost, a beginner guitar. Some users have commented on buzzing from the string against the frets; a minor issue that can be corrected through adjustments in most cases.

Warranty: Dean offers a limited lifetime warranty on its guitars against defects in materials and/or workmanship for the original purchaser with proof of purchase.

Value for money: The Dean Acoustic-Electric Bass Cutaway 5 String Satin Finish proves to be a great value for a low cost for beginner musicians. The broad range in tone, great overall sound, and appearance at a very affordable price makes it a great starter instrument.