Tuesday , May 26th 2020
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Epiphone Electric Guitars

Since Epiphone became part of the Gibson family of brands back in 1957, they have been seen as a maker of quality guitars based on Gibson models. “Based on” really does not do it justice, many Epiphone guitars are exact copies of Gibson models, with only branding and a few extras being the difference. Gibson wanted to sell more guitars, without alienating or vexing those who worked hard to acquire the license to sell Gibsons, and Epiphone was up to the task.

For the large part, Epiphone is known for their excellent electric guitars. Epiphone electric guitars have a great sound, are easy to use, and are quite cheap compared to its big brother Gibson. The value in terms of performance per price leans heavily in favor of Epiphones.

One of the most popular models ever, even today, is the Les Paul Standard. Amazing sound, solid look, and feel, and sustain that blows the rest away. Not only that, the wide range of finishes ensures that whatever look you want to achieve as a musician, there is one for you. From classic plain wood tones to stained woods, from metallic to patterned, there is a finish for you. You can even go with solid blacks, whites, reds, and blues, if that’s more your kind of thing.

Of course, what’s a famous company without its celebrity endorsers? In recent times especially, the company has teamed up with a few popular musicians to produce Epiphone electric guitars that carry that musician’s style and spirit. Take for example the Marcus Henderson Apparition, named after that Marcus Henderson. He is now more famous than ever for being a favorite in the game Guitar Hero, and he has teamed up with Epiphone to bring one monster of a guitar into being. The Apparition has an asymmetrical shape with sharp angles, lots of features to make playing easier even in the heat of a frenzied solo, and a look finished in ebony and quilt maple. It even comes with features like StrapLocks, which ensure your guitar stays tethered even during the most extreme sequences.

Another famous model is the Zakk Wylde ZV Custom. This unique design combines elements of other famous models for maximum access to the fingerboards and a look that will wow anyone. The double-cutaway SG top half allows the player to get in close and short with the strings, while the bottom half is reminiscent of the famous Flying V for attitude and maxed-out X factor.

Speaking of the Flying V, the lineup of Epiphone acoustic and Epiphone electric guitars, of course, includes this iconic model. The Flying V introduced in 1958, revolutionized guitar design principles for the new age of music. Its characteristic V shape, arrow-tip headboard, and gold hardware are unmistakable and undeniably cool.

Epiphone continues to uphold a tradition of innovation, constantly finding new ways and improvements to match the performance needs of modern musicians, both professional and amateur. Whatever your skill range, whatever your budget, there is an electric guitar for you from Epiphone.