Sunday , April 5th 2020
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Percussion Buyer’s Gammon Drums Review

For this Gammon Drums review, I won’t lie to you: you won’t be getting the dream drum set with all the fancy extensions and professional sound quality production. This is the nature of Gammon Drums: cheap, affordable solutions to your first try on the road to drumming.

Gammon drum set productsIf you’re a beginner to drums and have yet to purchase your first drum set, I encourage you to seriously consider a set from Gammon. In terms of brand new drum sets, I was not able to find a cheaper standard drum set than my starry gold Gammon drum set after searching both on Amazon and from local music stores in my area, such as Yamaha.

Is Cheap Always Good?

Everyone is familiar with the notion that cheap investments often result in low-quality experiences. So it will probably make me seem biased in this Gammon drums review if I said that Gammon Drums are the best quality drums you’ll ever get. However, it is not biased as it comes from the personal experience of the person who referred me to my Gammon drums: Gammon drums will give you the best bang for your buck when you buy a drum set at its price range.

Gammon’s brand hovers around the $200-$300 price range, while most beginner drum sets of its quality level such as the Ludwig Legacy series can go up to prices of $450 to $650. I’m not saying that I wasn’t able to find other drum sets within the $200-300 because brands like DeRosa by Bridgecraft are on sale through Amazon as well.

What you should have gotten from that last paragraph is that the quality of Gammon drums is much much higher than its price gives it credit for! My drum instructor, up to this day, who also happened to be my referrer to Gammon drum sets, told me that beginner sets such as DeRosa come with horror stories from his students about packaging issues and drum heads that couldn’t be tuned.

He had never actually bought a pair so he couldn’t vouch for it personally, but I took that information to the heart rather than have nothing to lean on when I made my first drum set purchase.

My Gammon Drums Review – The Experience of Buying Online

Approximately 4 days after I hit the “Add to Cart” button on Amazon, two large, brown cardboard boxes came in the mail. Bringing the stuff out, I found a complete gold-painted Gammon drum set, all nicely polished and all in very good condition. I’m sort of a perfectionist/neat freak so I did notice that there was a very tiny bump depression in a corner of the snare drum, but I never got around to asking for an exchange.

I did read on Amazon reviews however that the supplier Musicians Discount Warehouse offers excellent support service. I have yet to hear any horror stories from them; it’s been all good news as far as returns and refunds and exchanges for defective sets.

Setting it up was a relatively straightforward experience. At times I still move my set around to make myself comfortable for certain drum fills, and the Gammon drums really shine in that remark: their double brace material makes it feel sturdy, yet the manufacturers seem to have found a way to make it lightweight enough to be easy to move and bring along for portable use.

In terms of sound quality, I already told you that it’s no Ludwig, and the crash cymbals could really use some work. But hey, that’s what you get for a standard, low-cost drum set. I’m just glad it’s not some cheap, low-grade dumpster-sounding set I could have built myself for less than 50 bucks.

When I finished setting everything up in my living room, I found myself with a complete 6-piece drum set consisting of a snare drum, three toms (including the floor tom) and a bass drum with a typical single foot pedal, accompanied by the hi-hat and cymbals.

The hi-hat, similar to the cymbal’s quality I mentioned, is something I plan on replacing, as I’ve been encouraged to by many other Amazon buyers, but for the meantime, it will suffice for my extended practice sessions. Hey, I’d rather have this set take the beating of my practices than some high-quality hi-hat and cymbal, so the fact that I got the entire set for a cheap price is actually somewhat comforting.

So to sum up this Gammon drums review, I would say that it is a definite buy if you don’t have a beginner practice set yet to jam with. If you’ve been jamming for several years now in your garage with your own set, pass on the Gammon drums and stick with your ol’ reliable one.